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Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's in my shower

I love reading other people's What's in my shower-posts, and since it's only fair to do to others what you wish they did to you, I thought I would finally take the time to write a What's in my shower-post of my own.

As you may figure out when looking at the photos below, I have a jacuzzi at home, which is very nice, but I actually use it way less than you might think. I have just always been a person who prefers quick showers over long baths, but it is nice to have to opportunity to unwind in a hot bubble bath after a long day if you want. This jacuzzi even has a lot of really cool effects, like massage stuff, lights and so on, so it's really wonderful if I do decide to relax in it a bit.

Here is an older picture of the jacuzzi, previously posted in my other blog, with some water (and way less products around it! I think I had just moved in when this photo was taken?) in it:
But let's see what's there now, shall we? (my apologies for the dirt between some of the tiles, by the way, it didn't occur to me that I might want to clean before taking photos of my bathroom, and now the photos have already been taken, so... call it a very genuine experience, I guess)

As you can see, I have products on both sides of the jacuzzi now, and I also keep a loofah glove and the Bliss FatGirl Slimulator (reviewed here) in one of the corners (the one you see at the bottom right in the first picture), even though I must say I am pretty lazy when it comes to actually using them.
On the left from this side, I keep shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, and I must admit I don't usually have a lot of them, I tend to have 2 different kinds that I alternate between normally, but like I mentioned in some previous posts, I am currently looking for some really good hair products, so I have more hair care products than I normally would in the shower at the moment.
If I'll go through them one by one, we have:
- A random vanilla scented liquid soap, that seems to have been misplaced (probably by my husband), and is now among the hair care stuff (embarrassing, but hey, I said I didn't prep my bathroom for these photos, right? Here's the proof!)
- Shampoo and conditioner from famous Israeli hair dresser Shuki Zikri's hair care line (I'm not very impressed by it, but I tend to favor shampoos and conditioners that are not tested on animals, and when I was shopping for shampoo and conditioner recently, this was the only non-animal tested brand available, so I kind of had to get it. If you'd like to try it, I see it's available over at Amazon and Rockland Cosmetics, for instance). These are the red bottles.
- Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I still haven't tried these, since I got them pretty recently.
- Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner (I've started using these, love the shampoo so far, but not the conditioner as much)
- Anatomicals shampoo and conditioner (two of them, since I have very thick hair, I use way more conditioner than shampoo)

And the rest of the hair care products are:
- A hair mask from Israeli brand Wow Cosmetics, which is actually a brand I like for quite a few things. It's inexpensive and the products work well. I don't think this brand is available outside Israel though. But if you ever should visit, their products are indeed worth checking out!
- Moroccan Oil hair mask. Still haven't tried this, so I have no idea what it's like.
- An oil intense conditioner from Israeli brand Hawaii. This is a really basic brand, that you'll find for sale in supermarkets, pharmacies and such places in Israel, and while I am not a fan of most of their products, this conditioner is pretty nice, so I get it from time to time. Perfect for very dry hair!
I see Israeli products has some Hawaii shampoos and conditioners for sale, by the way, but they really aren't that special, so unless you have a weird obsession for exotic shampoos and conditioners, I wouldn't really recommend going through the trouble of getting them especially.
- Some small Fekkai Advance shampoo and conditioner bottles (reviewed here and here). I don't think I have much left of these, but since I liked them, I will use them up before throwing them away.

Now, let's move on to the other side, the right side, where I keep body scrubs, shower gels etc. This collection is usually much bigger than the collection of hair stuff on the other side, but I think I recently ran out of several products, so it's a bit emptier than it usually is. When it comes to scrubs, shower gels and soaps, I like a variety, you see. So usually I make sure to stock up here!
Let's go through the products one by one:
- I see have some Clean on Me body wash from Soap and Glory left. (reviewed here, I love this!)
- I also haven't run out of the Bliss Blood orange + white pepper sugar scrub (reviewed here). But that's mostly because I am not so fond of it, or excited about it, so I rarely use it. But on the other hand, it's an okay product, so I will definitely not throw it out either.
- I also have both my Laline Minnie Mouse body scrub (reviewed here) and shower gel (reviewed here), for exactly the same reason. I just like the products that much, so I haven't used them up, but I am planning to, so they're still hanging around in my bathroom.
- I am also on my third or fourth jar of FatGirl Scrub, my favorite body scrub of all time! So I make sure I always have a jar of this around.
- A Dove shower gel with a cucumber and green tea scent. Pretty nice!
- A foot scrub that actually works wonders when you want to keep your feet soft and nice between pedicures and a salt body scrub, from Wow Cosmetics (again).
- A Victoria's Secret Love Spell shower gel. Love Spell is my favorite Victoria's Secret scent, and I have the body mists and perfumes as well, so I use this shower gel when I know I will be using the Love Spell body mists or perfume afterwards.
- Johnson's baby oil. My beautician recommends using this after a bikini wax, so I do.

- The Peaches and Clean face wash from Soap and Glory (love this! Read why here). I use a lot of different face washes at the moment, but I keep most of them in a cupboard I have in the bathroom, so only one of them is placed on the side of the jacuzzi, for easy access when showering.
- A Chrome Azzaro soap. I think this is actually a soap I picked up while travelling, at a hotel (don't judge!) that had Azzaro toiletries. I think I have tried this soap already, but I don't remember what I thought of it. But some soap is always good to have, even though I prefer shower gels normally.

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