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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Clean on Me Body Wash and Bubble Bath

Besides the Clean, Girls Body Wash by Soap and Glory, I also got another body wash from the same brand recently. This one is called Clean on Me, and you can use it both as a shower gel or body wash and for a bubble bath, if you want. I do have a jacuzzi at home, but since it isn't currently working, I have only used it as a shower gel, and here are my conclusions:

I love the fact that this shower gel is so creamy, it makes it a pleasure to use, and it actually has a really nice shine to it too. Now, the shine does not stick to your skin or anything though (which is a good thing to me), so it doesn't have any practical advantages, but it makes it nicer to use, since it gives you the feel that you are really using a very luxurious product. Gotta love that!
The scent is really nice too, but then again, so is the scent in all Soap and Glory products, and Clean on Me made my skin very soft after I used it. I believe this is because it also has some moisturizer in it. My skin is not very dry, though, so I don't think I benefit from this fact as much as people with drier skin might. So if you have dry skin, I definitely think you should try the Soap and Glory Clean on Me body wash!
Would I get this again? I guess I would, if I found this body wash on sale or something, but since body washes aren't really a priority of mine, I won't be in a rush to do it. But if you are more into body washes, this is definitely a product you should try!

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