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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for the perfect eye cream, part 1: Boots Eye cream review

I will admit it. I don't like wrinkles around my eyes. But then again, who does, right? But I have found that good eye creams really help when it comes to keeping wrinkles and lines at bay, so I am currently looking for the best eye cream for me. Now, in order for you readers to understand what it is that I need, I should add that I do not have any issues with dark circles around or under my eyes, which I know is a common concern for some, so I am only looking for an eye cream that moisturizes the skin around my eyes, and evens out any existing wrinkles (not that many, so far, I am happy to say, but still, there are some) and prevents new ones from forming.

This is why I recently bought several new eye creams, and I will be reviewing them one by one, in my search for the best eye cream that I can. First up: a cheap, basic eye cream, by Boots. (I also got the Boots no 7 eye cream at the same time, but this is not a review of that, that will come later, instead, this review is for the regular Boots eye cream)
I think this eye cream is good for someone who is looking for a budget buy, since it does moisturize, but for me, it was a bit heavy, since I could see clear traces of it in the morning (I tend to apply eye cream at night, before I go to bed), which is something that I don't like, since that means I have to start the day by washing around my eyes, and I firmly believe that touching the skin around your eyes less is good, since the skin around your eyes is so thin, so I prefer not to mess with it when I don't have to.

But the Boots eye cream does it's job, and I assume it's a great choice for anyone with very dry skin around your eyes, it just didn't work for me, since I prefer lighter eye creams. But still, I would recommend this to those with need for something heavier around the eyes. Maybe it's partly an age issue too?

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