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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Cleansing Cloths

So it's time for another Soap and Glory product review. And this is another amazing product, let me just start off by saying that!

See, I got these Clear Here Deep Pore Puryfying T-Zone Cleansing Cloths recently, and I actually did not have very high hopes for them, because I have tried similar products before, and been kind of disapointed. But these Soap and Glory Cleansing Cloths are so good, you can actually feel them working their magic on your pores!
The cloths are a bit thicker than most cleansing wipes are, which I personally like, and while scent shouldn't be a main issue for products like these, it is actually quite nice too, like the scent of literally all Soap and Glory products I have gotten my hands on lately! So that's a nice added bonus if you ask me.

Soap and Glory themselves say that the cloths contain something they call PORESHRINK-RS, which is not something I am familiar with otherwise, but I have to say these cloths, and perhaps this ingredient, really helped clear my pores wonderfully, which is exactly what I wanted from this product.

So if, like me, you like cleansing wipes (not everyone does, but I think it is very convenient if your skin is already clean but you want to clean it a bit more for some reason), these Soap and Glory Cleansing Cloths are definitely better than most similar wipes. I liked them so much I will definitely be stocking up on them. (And I live in a country where these wipes, or other Soap and Glory products are not even sold, so I have to buy them online)

So yes, I am definitely very impressed by this brand so far!

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