I'm a girl who loves beauty products, even though I haven't always been very keen on them, so I decided to start a beauty blog, where I share beauty product reviews with others and tell you about both the worst and best beauty products out there, according to me.

I'm also hoping it will make beauty and makeup more fun, even for those who are not beauty addicts already.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm

When shopping at Diptyque a while ago I was given samples of their entire range of beauty products I think, but the first one I tried, and therefore the first one I will review was their Nourishing Cleansing Balm. And since I had tried some Omorovicza balm that I really liked a while ago, I expected to like the Diptyque version too. And I did!

In fact, this cleansing balm is pretty similar to that Omorovicza balm with the exception that it smells much, much nicer! It has a gorgeous scent of roses and I am sucker for anything with a lovely scent, which is what Diptyque as a brand does best so this product is really the perfect fit for me, especially since it literally takes everything you have on your face very easily.

If I were to have one complaint it would probably be that the balm is super thick, so it's not super easy to put on due to that, but other than that, I definitely love this cleansing balm! Will buy it again for sure whenever I am in a Diptyque store again!

Diptyque loot to be reviewed

On a recent trip to Germany I visited a Diptyque store in Berlin and of course had to get quite a few goodies. I was mainly interested in their home scents (I will be reviewing these here on the blog as well, I think) but I was given several small versions of their recently launched beauty products too. So look out: there will be quite a lot of Diptyque reviews coming up here soon!

Review: Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

As mentioned in my previous post, I really liked the Kiehl's daily cleanser I tried recently, but what about their pore cleansing masque?

I did buy their Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque at the same time that I purchased their cleanser, and I must say the two products are pretty similar, both when it comes to the packaging and otherwise, so all Kiehl's products definitely seem to have a similar look and feel. (I see that as a good thing!)
I would say the actual masque looks like cement in a way, but luckily it does not really feel like I imagine putting cement on your face would, haha! Instead, it is a very pleasant masque to have on. It is significantly less messy, lighter and easier to get off than some other similar products I have tried, but best of all: it does a really good job at actually cleaning my pores, which is what I wanted it to do!

The jar it comes in is also huge, yet you really don't need to use a lot each time you put it on, so I have only managed to make a small dent into it for now and I feel I will be able to use this one large jar I got for quite some time.

So while I am not ready to say that this is my favorite facial masque of all time, I will say it is pretty, pretty good! Will definitely be repurchasing!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review: Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

I had heard enough good things about Kiehl's to really, really want to try their products before actually buying my first serious Kiehl's products (I think I might have tried their hand cream before or something), a mask and a cleanser, simply because that is what I happened to need when I stumbled upon one of their stores while shopping for something else entirely.
The first product I tried out of these two was the Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, which is actually a really nice product to use.
It cleanses well, yet does not dry out your skin and feels kind of a mask, but can be rinsed right off. So it is an interesting concept and having used up a whole tube of it by now, I have no complaints.

Definitely an interesting product that I would not mind buying again!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was less than impressed by the Estee Lauder cleanser I tried out recently, but I also mentioned that I had tried some other Estee Lauder products at the same time that I was happier with. One of those products was the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.

And I must admit I am not a big serum user in general, so converting someone who has not really "believed" or seen the point of serums before takes one good serum, believe me!
This serum was pretty expensive, but smells nice, feels nice and absorbs quickly. It also makes my skin softer and evens out the texture really well. Even my pores look smaller and less noticeable!

I was also under the impression that I would run out of this serum really fast (I am not really sure why) but nope: it lasts for ages and you really need only very little each time you put it on. I have been using it morning and night and the results are very impressive indeed!

So this was definitely a very positive surprise for me after having been so disappointed by Estee Lauder's cleanser!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Review: Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser

Recently I went into a random cosmetics store to buy some eye cream. I hadn't been all too happy with the eye creams I had been using recently (except the La Mer one, but La Mer is not sold where I live so I have to get it abroad or online and I needed a new cream urgently, so La Mer was out of the question) so I decided to ask a saleslady for advice. 15 minutes later... I ended up going home with 3 Estee Lauder products, a brand I was not previously familiar with and one of the products this (very nice) saleslady convinced me that I "had to try" was the Estee Lauder Verite LightLotion Cleanser.
I needed a new cleanser anyway so I gave it a go, and I liked the packaging a lot. Nice, clean, luxurious, not too similar to anything else on the market: all good!

Sadly, however, that is where the good stuff ended. You need to put a lot of this cream on in order for it to do anything and my skin does not feel clean even after I do so. Maybe it is, but it feels... dirty and like it did not do anything at all. So I always ended up using another cleanser right after.

I will go as far as saying that this may be one of the worst cleansers I've come across so far, which is pretty surprising as the other 2 Estee Lauder products I got were quite good.

(and yes, I have considered the fact that something may be wrong with the bottle I got but I guess the only way to test that would be to get another bottle and compare the two? And I really don't feel like purchasing this again so I will just assume they are all like this...)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: Chanel Le Vernis nail color - Pirate

I think I have mentioned here on the blog before that I have amazing friends that simply give me the best presents! For example, one of my friends recently gave me some Chanel nail polish, because - as she put it - "what's a better present to any woman than some Chanel?" and that is of course a statement I agree with!

So while I am not sure I would have bought the Chanel Le Vernis nail color myself as I have had some bad experiences with high end nail polishes before (won't say which brand, but I can say that it starts with a D and ends with -ior) I was very happy that I got a chance to try one of their classic colors I believe - Pirate, thanks to my lovely friend.

And I have to say I like the color, even if this red is a bit of a darker red than I would normally go for, I usually prefer bright reds, but this looks really classy on. I also liked that the nail polish was easy to apply, without streaking and that the color lasted for quite some time. So it's a pretty good nail polish, but I personally am not convinced I need to be pay top dollar for nail polish. I feel there are a lot of good alternatives, like Essie and OPI out there, so I prefer to get those. But as presents go, this was definitely really nice and I would not mind to be gifted more Chanel nail polish - or anything Chanel for that matter! - again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre Multi-function nourishing moisturizer

Before I went to Paris this summer, I had heard a lot about the Embryolisse cream so I knew I really wanted to try it and luckily, finding Embryolisse was not very hard at all in France. It seems really, really popular and after having tried this cream, I can totally understand why!

You are supposed to be able to use this cream as both a moisturizer, a make-up primer, a moisturizing mask and for baby care if you want, but I have only been using it as a bit of a heavier moisturizer to be honest. So I can't really say what it's like for the other purposes, but as a moisturizer, it's just great!

And what is surprising, at least for me, is that this quite heavy cream actually works really well with oily skin, which can't be said about most other heavy creams. And as I am sure most people with oily skin know, even us "oilies" need heavier moisturizers from time to time, especially during the winter when everything gets all dry.

The Embryolisse cream did not make me break out at all, despite its heaviness and it does not make it oilier or anything else that could be considered unpleasant either, it simply moisturizes!

It does not really have a clear scent, but it rather scent free and the packaging is pretty minimalist. So it feels like a typical pharmacy product I guess, rather than something luxurious. But I am fine with that, especially since it works so well!

But I can't quite understand the hype status this product has. I mean, it's a good product but is it better than most other moisturizers? Not sure...

I would still get it again however, at least if I am in France because it is a really nice cream to have for cold winters especially, even if I have been using it in the summer this time.

I also love that Embryolisse is not tested on animals!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Woods of Windsor Lily of the Valley Eau de Toilette

So this is actually pretty crazy but the scent I am going to review today is actually one of the first scents I ever owned myself! You see, when I was 14 years old, I went to London and Windsor on a trip and during that trip I bought this exact scent and I loved it back then. So recently I decided to get another bottle, mainly to see if the scent was as lovely as I remembered it.

I must admit that I am very partial to the Lily of the Valley though. It happens to be my favorite flower, so anything featuring this flower is bound to be a favorite with me!
And even today, the Woods of Windsor Eau de Toilette is no exception. It smells very clearly of Lily of the Valley, after all, and the scent is gentle and not too in your face. The perfect scent for every day use in other words.

So yes, I would definitely say this scent, so loved by a 14 year old girl back then, does not disappoint even a grown up woman! And isn't that wonderful: that the same scent is adorable to a teenager but just as much so to someone who now has her own kids?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Shopped: At Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton recently launched their first perfumes in 70 years, and as a big lover of scents and Louis Vuitton as a brand, I was naturally very eager to give these scents a try. The thing is, when I entered the local Louis Vuitton store, I simply could not concentrate enough to buy just one of the scents, so what happened is actually that I got a miniature set with all the 7 scents in it.

I am pretty happy with that decision, as it will give me a chance to really try each scent and figure out what I think of it. So I will definitely be reviewing them all here on the blog shortly!

And I think the packaging is just lovely, so I am happy I decided to get this set for that reason as well. It will look gorgeous no matter where I put it, after all!

I was also lucky enough to be given two testers of two of the scents, and I need to say: even the testers look so cute! You can really see that Louis Vuitton has put a lot of effort into the presentation and packaging of each scent and I love that!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Chanel no 5

First off, let me start this review by saying: I know, who do I think I am, reviewing the Chanel no 5 scent like it has never been done before and like I have something important to add to all the things that have already been said about this scent.

I really do not claim to be an expert on scents in any way, but I do believe scents are such an incredibly personal thing that we all think differently about them and therefore, even a review written by a total newbie on scents and all things related to them might be of interest.
After all, I am sure not everyone that wears this scent is a perfume expert either?

So now that all that has been said: what did I actually think about this scent?
(I should add that I was gifted a bottle. I know, I am so lucky to have friends who give me presents like this!)
First of all, I did expect it to be a bit of an old ladyish scent. After having tried it, I don't think it is at all, but it is a very classic scent. You can tell that it has been around for a long time, and that it is a more upscale scent compared to some others I wear. So I don't think it is a scent for the hip IT-girls, except if they go to fancier events during the evening.

For some reason this does strike me as an evening wear scent. I personally would not wear it during the day, or for regular evenings out but I do think it would suit a special event where you dress up etc.

It is also important to note that the scent completely changes after you put it on, so if you are not familiar with the Chanel no 5, you should not just smell it from the bottle in order to decide if it is your thing or not. No, you need to put it on, wait around 5 minutes and then you'll get to smell the real scent!

So all in all, I am very happy I gave Chanel no 5 a try, although I do not think I will start wearing this on a regular basis. It is a gorgeous scent though, but I feel my life and style generally is a bit more low key than this scent I guess?

Review: Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Another purchase from my recent visit to France (I admit, I do tend to go a bit crazy in the pharmacies there whenever I visit!): the first Caudalie product I ever tried: their Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream.

This was actually something a pharmacist in a pharmacy in Paris picked out for me, and while anything recommended by French pharmacists has been impressive up until now, I did think the Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream was a bit less impressive.
By no means is it a bad eye cream, in fact it has a lot of nice aspects, such as being in a smart, convenient tube and that you only need to use very little product each time. It also does not cause any problems and does seem to hydrate the skin around my eyes. However, other eye creams that I have tried in the past have provided me by more spectacular results than the ones I got using this, so I think I will prefer to go back to them.

That said, all the "better" eye creams that I prefer over the Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream tend to cost much, much more so this is a pretty good budget buy I guess.

(Sorry about the rather wrinkled up packaging in the pics, I guess you can tell I had been using this eye cream for quite some time by the time I remember to take photos of it?)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: Cattier Paris Clay Mask Green Mint

One of the best things about visiting France is of course stocking up on all the amazing beauty products they have there, at their very affordable and nice pharmacies. So of course I did quite a bit of that when I visited Paris recently.

One of the products I got, without even ever having heard of the brand before was this Cattier Paris Clay Mask. It is meant for oily skin after all (check! I do have that), seemed pretty natural (check! Love that!) and had mint as an ingredient (check! Love mint!), so it sounded promising.

And now that I have had a chance to try this mask a few times I do like it, even though it is very different from most other beauty products and masks I normally use. As you may know if you read this blog on a regular basis, I like products with luxurious scents and this mask definitely does NOT have that! Instead the scent is rather... well, muddy. Not my kind of thing, really, but the mask definitely cleared up my skin and made it softer and nicer, so this was a good buy for sure!

But then again I have rarely purchased products in French supermarkets that I have not liked. Regardless, I would totally recommend this mask to anyone with oily skin like mine and if I ever run into Cattier as a brand again (sadly, I think their products are not that common outside France) I would definitely try more of their products!

Review: Biotherm Biosource Balm to Oil

Since I first read The Little Book of Skin Care, about Korean skin care routines, I have been using oil based cleansers before regular cleansers if not regularly then pretty much as often as I have been able to find a good one at least. But oil based cleansers are not as easy to find as you would think, especially not good ones, so after my Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm ran out, I have actually really been struggling with finding a replacement.

I thought the Biotherm Biosource Balm to Oil cleanser could be that, and this is a really nice oil based cleansing balm I think, although for some reason my skin does not look as nice texture-wise after I use it as it did after I used the Omorovicza balm. It does cleanse really well though, as I have yet to encounter anything it did not remove and is perfect for a double cleanse routine!

It also did not make me break out and the scent and look of this balm is definitely more appealing compared to the Omorovicza one. It's white with a delicate, harmless scent basically.

So I would say the Biotherm Balm to Oil cleanser is definitely easy and pleasant to use, it's just not the best balm of its' kind that I have encountered.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel

I love La Mer products, even though they are as expensive as they are, as they feel really luxurious to use and I have purchased their The Moisturizing Gel Cream several times after I first discovered it. So when I saw that they had a fairly reasonably priced eye gel, I decided to give it a try.

And I do like The Illuminating Eye Gel, but not as much as The Moisturizing Gel Cream. The eye gel feels equally luxurious and the packaging is just as nice but I did not feel that the results were as spectacular as with the gel cream.

By no means is this a bad eye gel, it is definitely among the better ones I have tried but for the price you pay, you kind of expect... well, if not a miracle, then half a miracle at least. But the gel is very nice to the touch and feels silky and nice and did not cause any allergic reactions or anything (you would be surprised by how many eye creams and gels do!) and I like that a little goes a long way with it.

I do, however, dislike that the container cannot be opened so you can scoop out every last bit, feels kind of wasteful as I know how much is usually left in pump bottles when they stop pumping.

But these are all minor complaints really. This is a good eye gel, if expensive. If I would purchase it again? Sure, if I find a good deal for it, but I am not sure it will be a must have for me in the same way The Moisturizing Gel Cream is.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Review: Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser

Avene was a new brand for me, until I tried their Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser I had not tried any of their products, but as this cleanser seemed suitable for me, due to my oily skin, I decided to give it a try.

I must say I am not disappointed by the cleanser, but I am kind of underwhelmed. The scent is nothing special and quite boring, the packaging is okay, but again: boring. And while it does clean my skin, I did not think it was better or worse than any other cleanser I have tried. That said, it did not cause any dryness or break outs either, like some cleansers can do, so it was not bad, just very... well, boring.

I would say this is an okay product all in all, but not one I would recommend to anyone (there are far better cleansers for oily skin out there) and not one I will be purchasing again. I will be using up what I have though and I am still glad I tried it, as I doubt I will be rushing to get any more Avene products after this first encounter with their products.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: Bioderma Sebium Serum

It's no secret that I have had issues with breakouts in the past and that I definitely have combination skin. This is why I am always on the lookout for products that will help me tame oiliness and breakouts, but products that actually work well for that are really hard to find, as I am sure anyone struggling with the same issues will agree with me on.

However, on a recent trip to France I decided to give a completely new brand, Bioderma a try, as a lovely French pharmacist recommended their Sebium Serum, and boy am I glad I did!
I mean, this product is not perfect, because what it does, if you feel some breakouts coming on, is (I guess? I did not develop this product after all) pull all the yucky stuff out, causing you to really break out the day after, but once that is over with, your skin is definitely less breakout prone and oily. That is a huge relief for me, because previously, I would have breakouts for weeks, and while this product should not be used in order to prevent breakouts completely (Bioderma might have other products for that though, not sure), it does shorten the time you need to suffer from a breakout, as it all comes in one day (you put this on at night, and in the morning... my oh my!), and then your skin looks pretty good for a long time afterwards.

Besides the impressive results, I also like the nice, runny cooling consistency of this. It does feel like a typical French pharmaceutical product (which it is!), and I like that. But people looking for something very luxurious might be disappointed by that, I guess, so still wanted to mention it.

Supposedly, you should get even better results if you use more products from the Bioderma Sebium range together, so that is definitely next on my to do list! And yes, I would totally buy this again, and probably will!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Review: Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte (several different products)

While in Paris recently I stayed at the lovely Hotel La Bourdonnais, which I highly recommend by the way, because unlike most hotels, they do not give you just any old soap, they actually give you complimentary Hermes products!
I love anything Hermes so I was thrilled by this discovery, and even more so when I noticed that it meant that I would get to try a new Hermes scent I was not previously familiar with.
The scent happened to be Eau D'Orange Verte and I like it... but don't love it. I am by no means supergirly (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but I do feel that this scent is a tad bit too masculine. It is supposed to be a unisex scent, but I really don't think it is. And I am all for the idea of unisex scents, I just don't think this one works all that well.

The scent is lovely for a guy, though, at least if you like citrus (I do! And so does my husband), as I think it is one of the better orange colognes I have ever smelled.

But as for the staying power... I am not all that impressed by that either. I have noticed the same thing with other Hermes scents, however, so maybe they do not intend for their scents to linger very long? Who knows?

All in all, it was a nice experience to get to try another Hermes scent, but sadly, this is not one I will be buying for myself. But maybe for the husband?

(I tried the eau the cologne, the shower gel and the body lotion - all pictured - as well as the shampoo - not pictured - from the range)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review: Christina Unstress Probiotic Day Cream SPF 12

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying out skin care products from Christina recently. One of the products I liked more than the serum was Christina's Unstress Probiotic Day Cream. Let me tell you why:

First of all, this day cream moisturizes really, really well. It's not really so surprising as the cream is kind of thick, so I expect it to, to be honest. What is a bit surprising, however, is that it does not clog my pores from being so thick, like some moisturizers can. Instead it just moisturizes, as a day cream is supposed to do, and protects you from the sun, I guess. And that's all I want it to do, so I am fine with that!

The packaging is also cute and minimal, which I like and you do not need to use a lot of the cream each time, which is great, so I am very happy with this day cream indeed. I would probably buy it again.
Was there anything I didn't like about the Christina Unstress Probiotic Day Cream SPF 12?
Well, I like scents in my products as I think a nice scent makes the product feel more luxurious. This cream is pretty unscented from what I can tell, so I would prefer if it had some kind of scent. When I use my La Mer moisturizer it feels like a luxury product, and while Christina's products are not as expensive as La Mer's (but then again, few products are...) they aren't very cheap either, so it would be nice if they felt a bit more luxurious.

That said, I know a lot of people actually prefer non-scented products, so maybe that's the group that Christina tries to appeal to, more than La Mer users for instance?

Review: Christina Unstress Total Serenity Serum

I recently had a wonderful facial at the Cramim Hotel, where the some products by Christina Cosmeceuticals were used. I was so impressed with the facial that I broke a rule I usually have, which is not buying things used during the facial, as its hard to get the same results when you try to apply the products at home as it was for a professional to do it during a facial. But since I liked what I saw a lot, and had never heard of Christina as a brand before, I decided to give the brand a try and get 5 of their products, all suitable for sensitive skin: A cleanser, a serum, a day cream, a night cream and a face mask.

Over the next few days I will be reviewing all of these products, but let's start with the serum!

First of all, I must admit I am hardly a serum expert. I mean, I have used serums in the past, but they aren't really a favorite product of mine, so I have also gone long periods without using serums at all. But I like how light weight this serum is and that the skin absorbs it very fast. You see, I am often in a rush in the morning, so I hate creams and serums that take hours to sink in as it's not so nice to apply make up over a very wet and sticky face, so those kind of products make the entire process of getting ready in the morning take longer.
But the Christina Unstress Total Serenity Serum is not like that at all! Instead, it is absorbed by the skin very fast, does not make my skin look oily or sticky or shiny, and best of all: it does not clog the skin or cause any breakups! So I am very pleased with the serum for that reason alone.

I also like the simple, yet chic packaging but cannot say that I see that my skin has greatly improved in any way since I started using the serum, so I am not 100 % sure I really, really need it. For that reason, I am not sure I would repurchase, but not so much because there is anything wrong with this serum itself, more because I am not sure I need serums in general, so the same goes for this serum as well.

That said, I liked trying out both the serum and the Christina brand, so I am happy I gave it a try! The serum is just not my favorite product among those I bought.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review; Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser

I am not very familiar with Chanel products, but have been gifted several of them recently by a friend who thought I needed some more luxury and glamour in my life I guess, haha!

One of the products I recieved was the Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser, and I was very pleased with that, as cleansers are some of my favorite products to try. Who doesn't like clean skin, after all?

And my first major acquaintance with a Chanel product turned out to be a very positive one, thanks to this cleanser, as the Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser is quite lovely indeed. It has a really clean and "natural" (although I am sure it is not) scent, the packaging is functional (I have tried out some other top end brands recently where the bottle or jar was horrible to use, so I am glad Chanel has given the packaging some thought too!) and pretty and feels kind of luxurious, which is always nice. Of course the cleanser does clean my skin really well too, so I have been more than happy with it.

I would be more than happy to get another bottle of this cleanser eventually, but since you need to use very little of this cleanser each time you clean your face with it, I still have plenty left and think I will not be needing to replace it anytime. Another plus, by the way, as I am a big fan of any product where a little goes a long way!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: Soap & Glory Sleep Accelerator Night & Flight Moisture Miracle

I love Soap & Glory as a brand (as is evident from my previous reviews of Soap & Glory products, check them out here), so I am always excited to try new products from the brand. The last Soap & Glory product I tried was the Sleep Accelerator, a heavy duty moisturizer that I wore at night.

I quite liked this moisturizer, it was light and had a lovely scent (like peaches - a scent found in some other Soap & Glory products as well), but I am not sure it was a "miracle" cream as implied. Don't get me wrong: it does moisturize, and it does make your skin softer, but not in a miraculous way like some other creams do, just in a way you would expect from a moisturizer.

Therefore, I do like this moisturizer, although I do not see it as something very spectacular.

The cream lasts for quite a long time, though, as you do not need to use a lot each time and I really loved that it moisturized without making my combination skin oilier.

So yes, I would buy this moisturizer again, although my hopes would probably be more realistic this time!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho

Normally I do not review books here on the blog, even if they are about beauty, but I found The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho so unique that I decided to mention it here.
First, I need to say that I am not all that familiar with Korean skin care, but this book really lays it all out there really well, so it was a great introduction to it for me.
While I am not sure I will follow all the advice in the book I do think I got enough ideas for the money I paid for the book to have been worth it. So I would recommend it to others as well, especially those who are not so well versed in all things related to Korean skin care already.
The book is written in an interesting way as well, with a lot of interesting stories from Cho's own life, and I like that, as it keeps the book from becoming too boring.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream

I have been interested in trying out La Mer products for quite some time, but as their products are generally intended for those with very dry skin, which I do not have, I never got around to trying any of their products until pretty recently, when a La Mer sales lady in Hong Kong, where I visited recently, explained to me that there are some La Mer products suitable for those with combination skin and even oily skin as well. She recommended the La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream and even though it cost way more than what I usually pay for moisturizer, I decided to take her advice and try it out.
And already the first time I tried the cream, I was very happy I did!
The gel cream is very light, which I like, as very thick creams are always less appealing to me, it feels very nice to the touch indeed and it has a lovely scent (I believe that is the classic La Mer scent I have heard others raving about in the past) as well.

The cream also makes my skin silky smooth each time I apply it, which I love! I have been known to just feel my face after applying it, just to enjoy the feel, and this rarely (or actually: never!) happens with other products, let me tell you!
It also did not cause any breakouts, which is always a concern for me, as I do have combination skin like I said, and I am very pleased with the fact that you only have to use a very small amount each time, so while there is no denying that this cream is expensive, I do not believe I will need to restock any time soon.

I have only been using the cream for a bit over a week daily so it is too soon to say if it will actually make me look way younger like many claim, but the experience has certainly been good enough for me to say that I cannot wait to try more La Mer products!