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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review; Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser

I am not very familiar with Chanel products, but have been gifted several of them recently by a friend who thought I needed some more luxury and glamour in my life I guess, haha!

One of the products I recieved was the Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser, and I was very pleased with that, as cleansers are some of my favorite products to try. Who doesn't like clean skin, after all?

And my first major acquaintance with a Chanel product turned out to be a very positive one, thanks to this cleanser, as the Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser is quite lovely indeed. It has a really clean and "natural" (although I am sure it is not) scent, the packaging is functional (I have tried out some other top end brands recently where the bottle or jar was horrible to use, so I am glad Chanel has given the packaging some thought too!) and pretty and feels kind of luxurious, which is always nice. Of course the cleanser does clean my skin really well too, so I have been more than happy with it.

I would be more than happy to get another bottle of this cleanser eventually, but since you need to use very little of this cleanser each time you clean your face with it, I still have plenty left and think I will not be needing to replace it anytime. Another plus, by the way, as I am a big fan of any product where a little goes a long way!

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