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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review: Christina Unstress Total Serenity Serum

I recently had a wonderful facial at the Cramim Hotel, where the some products by Christina Cosmeceuticals were used. I was so impressed with the facial that I broke a rule I usually have, which is not buying things used during the facial, as its hard to get the same results when you try to apply the products at home as it was for a professional to do it during a facial. But since I liked what I saw a lot, and had never heard of Christina as a brand before, I decided to give the brand a try and get 5 of their products, all suitable for sensitive skin: A cleanser, a serum, a day cream, a night cream and a face mask.

Over the next few days I will be reviewing all of these products, but let's start with the serum!

First of all, I must admit I am hardly a serum expert. I mean, I have used serums in the past, but they aren't really a favorite product of mine, so I have also gone long periods without using serums at all. But I like how light weight this serum is and that the skin absorbs it very fast. You see, I am often in a rush in the morning, so I hate creams and serums that take hours to sink in as it's not so nice to apply make up over a very wet and sticky face, so those kind of products make the entire process of getting ready in the morning take longer.
But the Christina Unstress Total Serenity Serum is not like that at all! Instead, it is absorbed by the skin very fast, does not make my skin look oily or sticky or shiny, and best of all: it does not clog the skin or cause any breakups! So I am very pleased with the serum for that reason alone.

I also like the simple, yet chic packaging but cannot say that I see that my skin has greatly improved in any way since I started using the serum, so I am not 100 % sure I really, really need it. For that reason, I am not sure I would repurchase, but not so much because there is anything wrong with this serum itself, more because I am not sure I need serums in general, so the same goes for this serum as well.

That said, I liked trying out both the serum and the Christina brand, so I am happy I gave it a try! The serum is just not my favorite product among those I bought.

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