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Monday, July 25, 2016

Review: Bioderma Sebium Serum

It's no secret that I have had issues with breakouts in the past and that I definitely have combination skin. This is why I am always on the lookout for products that will help me tame oiliness and breakouts, but products that actually work well for that are really hard to find, as I am sure anyone struggling with the same issues will agree with me on.

However, on a recent trip to France I decided to give a completely new brand, Bioderma a try, as a lovely French pharmacist recommended their Sebium Serum, and boy am I glad I did!
I mean, this product is not perfect, because what it does, if you feel some breakouts coming on, is (I guess? I did not develop this product after all) pull all the yucky stuff out, causing you to really break out the day after, but once that is over with, your skin is definitely less breakout prone and oily. That is a huge relief for me, because previously, I would have breakouts for weeks, and while this product should not be used in order to prevent breakouts completely (Bioderma might have other products for that though, not sure), it does shorten the time you need to suffer from a breakout, as it all comes in one day (you put this on at night, and in the morning... my oh my!), and then your skin looks pretty good for a long time afterwards.

Besides the impressive results, I also like the nice, runny cooling consistency of this. It does feel like a typical French pharmaceutical product (which it is!), and I like that. But people looking for something very luxurious might be disappointed by that, I guess, so still wanted to mention it.

Supposedly, you should get even better results if you use more products from the Bioderma Sebium range together, so that is definitely next on my to do list! And yes, I would totally buy this again, and probably will!

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