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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: Chanel Le Vernis nail color - Pirate

I think I have mentioned here on the blog before that I have amazing friends that simply give me the best presents! For example, one of my friends recently gave me some Chanel nail polish, because - as she put it - "what's a better present to any woman than some Chanel?" and that is of course a statement I agree with!

So while I am not sure I would have bought the Chanel Le Vernis nail color myself as I have had some bad experiences with high end nail polishes before (won't say which brand, but I can say that it starts with a D and ends with -ior) I was very happy that I got a chance to try one of their classic colors I believe - Pirate, thanks to my lovely friend.

And I have to say I like the color, even if this red is a bit of a darker red than I would normally go for, I usually prefer bright reds, but this looks really classy on. I also liked that the nail polish was easy to apply, without streaking and that the color lasted for quite some time. So it's a pretty good nail polish, but I personally am not convinced I need to be pay top dollar for nail polish. I feel there are a lot of good alternatives, like Essie and OPI out there, so I prefer to get those. But as presents go, this was definitely really nice and I would not mind to be gifted more Chanel nail polish - or anything Chanel for that matter! - again.

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