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Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Another purchase from my recent visit to France (I admit, I do tend to go a bit crazy in the pharmacies there whenever I visit!): the first Caudalie product I ever tried: their Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream.

This was actually something a pharmacist in a pharmacy in Paris picked out for me, and while anything recommended by French pharmacists has been impressive up until now, I did think the Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream was a bit less impressive.
By no means is it a bad eye cream, in fact it has a lot of nice aspects, such as being in a smart, convenient tube and that you only need to use very little product each time. It also does not cause any problems and does seem to hydrate the skin around my eyes. However, other eye creams that I have tried in the past have provided me by more spectacular results than the ones I got using this, so I think I will prefer to go back to them.

That said, all the "better" eye creams that I prefer over the Caudalie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream tend to cost much, much more so this is a pretty good budget buy I guess.

(Sorry about the rather wrinkled up packaging in the pics, I guess you can tell I had been using this eye cream for quite some time by the time I remember to take photos of it?)

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