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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: Cattier Paris Clay Mask Green Mint

One of the best things about visiting France is of course stocking up on all the amazing beauty products they have there, at their very affordable and nice pharmacies. So of course I did quite a bit of that when I visited Paris recently.

One of the products I got, without even ever having heard of the brand before was this Cattier Paris Clay Mask. It is meant for oily skin after all (check! I do have that), seemed pretty natural (check! Love that!) and had mint as an ingredient (check! Love mint!), so it sounded promising.

And now that I have had a chance to try this mask a few times I do like it, even though it is very different from most other beauty products and masks I normally use. As you may know if you read this blog on a regular basis, I like products with luxurious scents and this mask definitely does NOT have that! Instead the scent is rather... well, muddy. Not my kind of thing, really, but the mask definitely cleared up my skin and made it softer and nicer, so this was a good buy for sure!

But then again I have rarely purchased products in French supermarkets that I have not liked. Regardless, I would totally recommend this mask to anyone with oily skin like mine and if I ever run into Cattier as a brand again (sadly, I think their products are not that common outside France) I would definitely try more of their products!

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