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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Careline Triple Omega Lip & Eye Cream

It's been kind of non-stop Soap & Glory reviews lately, so let's break the pattern for just a little while (I do have more Soap & Glory products to review, after all!) and do a review of something from another brand. Because as I've already mentioned, I have been trying to find a really good eye cream lately as well. Neither the Boots No 7 eye cream, the regular Boots eye cream of the Youth as We Know It eye cream by Bliss were exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to try a cream called Triple Omega Lip & Eye Cream as well. (Careline is an Israeli brand, available in the US, for instance, as well, but less known in most parts of the world of course)
And sadly, while this eye cream is okay (it does it's job), it's nothing special. So while I like the texture of this eye cream, it is still a bit too heavy for me, and it doesn't do anything amazing. I will give them credit for the really awesome tube though, the way it is constructed makes it easier to get just the right amount out of the tube, which can be tricky otherwise, and since you don't get too much of the cream by accident (which always happens to me with other creams), it also means the cream will last you longer. I do think it is kind of weird to use the same cream on your lips as well as around your eyes, however, so I haven't really done that (I just tried it once), so maybe this cream actually does miracles for your lips and the skin around it, but in that case, I wouldn't know.

For now, I am still looking for a really good eye cream, but I think I will look specifically for very light eye creams, to see if that makes it easier to find something suitable for me. I don't need anything that does miracles after all, just something that hydrates the area around my eyes a little bit.

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