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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: Nivea Invisible for Black and White

I am a huge fan of the classic Nivea products, like their basic creams, since I grew up with them. So my expectations for their Nivea Invisible for Black and White deodorant were pretty high. This deodorant is supposed to last for 48 hours after all, and keep you from getting stains on white and black clothing.
But sadly, this deodorant did not really deliver. It smells nice and clean, which I appreciate, since I prefer light smells in deodorants, in case I want to wear some perfume, because I don't want the deodorant to interfere with the smell of other scents. But when it comes to stains on black clothes, I would say this deodorant actually stains more than regular deodorants I've used. It works nicely on white clothes, though, where you could get stains if you were using another deodorant.

Personally, I wear more black than white though, and I prefer not to have a bunch of different deodorants for different purposes (it's easier to be able to just reach out for the first one you see, after all), so I won't be buying this deodorant again. It might be a good purchase for those of you who wear a lot of white though, but if you are a lover of black, like me, I wouldn't recommend it.

And nope, I would not say you can get by on this deodorant alone for 48 hours, no way. You definitely need to reapply several times during that time, even if you don't tend to sweat a lot.

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