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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Pucca Lovely BB cream

Even though I like beauty products a lot, it took me a long time to try my first BB cream, even though I had heard so many good things about them, and really wanted to give them a try, simply because there were so many to choose from, so I had no idea which one to get.

But when travelling in Asia (I am still doing that in fact, I am blogging from South East Asia as we speak!), I saw BB creams everywhere, so there was really no reason not to give them a try. So I did what most people probably end up doing when they shop for beauty products in countries where they don't speak the language (I bought my first BB cream in China, you see): I made a decision based on the packaging.

So this Pucca Lovely BB cream appealed to me, since I have liked this Korean cartoon for a long while.
I am pretty sure you can find this BB cream in other countries than China, where I got mine, as well, since Pucca is very popular all over Asia, but it doesn't seem to be one of the most hyped Asian BB creams, I didn't see it in most cosmetic stores and pharmacies I went to, but I bumped into it in a small, luxurious boutique.

I decided to try this BB cream on a day when I had two blemishes, and I was kind of disappointed when the BB cream did not cover the blemishes at all, like a foundation or a cover stick would, you could clearly see the blemishes even though I was wearing the Pucca Lovely BB cream, but it did make my skin around them look great, smoothing any other flaws really well.

Another plus was that my skin looked very natural when wearing this BB cream, it did not look like I had applied tons of makeup to my skin or anything. So if you are reading BB cream reviews to find a very natural and light BB cream, the Pucca Lovely BB cream could definitely be for you.

I was also very surprised when I noticed that the BB cream had actually healed the blemishes pretty well while I was wearing it. This doesn't really happen with foundation, so even though the blemishes were still there, I decided to use the BB cream for one more day. And guess what? The next day, the blemishes were completely gone! And I do believe it had something to do with the BB cream, since my blemishes normally do not heal that fast otherwise. So I must say I was very happy with this purchase, and when I start looking for the best BB cream available in the West, I will definitely try to figure out if all BB creams actually heal blemishes or not. If they don't, this is definitely a top BB cream contender!

As a general tip I would also highly recommend anyone wondering where to buy BB cream to pick some up while in Asia, if you or anyone you know are going there. The selection is huge, the pries really good, and let's not forget that Asia is actually where BB creams are originally from, so it makes sense that you would find the best ones there. So definitely buy BB cream in Asia if you have the chance!

(Since I am still in Asia myself, I actually think I will be bringing more BB creams with me home as well)

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