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Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: 4 Bliss FatGirlSlim products

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying out quite a few Bliss products lately. One set that I ordered a while ago, was the FatGirlSlim pack with 4 different products in it:
- The FatGirlSlim cream, against cellulite
- The FatGirlSleep cream, also against cellulite, to be used at night, for a more long term effect than the regular FatGirlSlim cream
- The FatGirlScrub, to be used when you shower, to smooth your skin out a bit, and to combat cellulite as well
- The FatGirl Massage tool (not pictured) that you can use to massage any problem areas where you have cellulite to help get rid of it
Now, before I continue with this review, I should probably point out that I only have very mild issues with cellulite, on my thighs. Others say they don't even see this, but I do myself, so I think it may be possible that others, with more severe cases of cellulite, might see better and more visible results than me.

The first thing I should say about the pack that I got is that the products you get with this pack are way too small for you to be able to know if the products work or not, since results can only be seen after having used them for several weeks. So if you are interested in trying the Bliss FatGirlSlim range (for which they do recommend that you use all the products together), don't get this set, but go for the full size products instead!

I actually got two of the products in full sized versions after having tried the smaller versions myself.

The FatGirlSlim cream smells lovely, slightly mintish, and has a lovely texture. You are supposed to use this anti cellulite cream during the day, which works really nicely, since it sinks into your skin amazingly fast. I liked this cream a lot, but since I was using both this, the scrub and the night cream simultaneously, it is hard to say which one of them had the biggest impact.
But still, I liked this cream so much I decided to give it another try, in a full size version, because if you are going to use body lotion anyway, why not use one that fills another purpose than just moisturizing as well?

The FatGirlSleep is a similar cream, that you are supposed to use during the night, instead of in the day. This means the texture is slightly heavier and thicker than the one of FatGirlSlim, and it also has a nice lavender smell, perfect for night.
I got this cream in a full sized version as well, and do plan to keep using it for a while.

The FatGirlScrub was actually a lovely scrub as well, with a slight minty smell as well. I liked using it, but since I think it can be replaced with any other scrub as well, I decided not to get another jar of the scrub for now. But perhaps I will at some point...

The FatGirl Massage tool works nicely for massaging problem areas, but I think you might be able to replace this tool with something similar if you find it somewhere cheaper as well.

So my conclusion after having tried all 4 products is basically that you can replace the scrub and the tool with similar, nameless products if you want, but the creams are harder to replace.

So did the products work?
Yes, I do believe my skin got smoother. So they did have some effect. However, it took almost a month before I saw a big improvement, so if you do decide to use these products, I suggest you try to be as patient as possible. I should also add that the cellulite did not dissappear completely, but maybe it will get even better if I continue using them for longer?

So these are really interesting products to try, if you are looking for some kind of anti cellulite treatment. In all fairness, I must admit these are the first anti cellulite products I have tried myself, so I cannot really compare them to other, similar products just yet.

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