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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Infallible foundation

I've always been rather picky with foundations, I expect a lot from them, and I expect them to stay as they were when I put them on for a really long time, even though I know that it not that reasonable. Because of this, I have tried many different foundations over the years (and some even rather recently, such as the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation), and I have to admit, I am still looking for that perfect foundation.

But the good news is, I have found a foundation that comes pretty close to being perfect at least. And surprisingly enough, it comes from a brand I am normally not that fond of: L'Oreal.
I ended up buying not one, but two Infallible foundations when travelling recently, since I forgot my regular foundation at home, and couldn't figure out which shade I needed. So I got both 125 Natural Rose and 120 Vanilla, both of which work nicely on a pale blonde like myself, depending on if I got a slight tan or not.

And I am really happy I decided to try these L'Oreal foundations for a change. Because they actually stay put, if not for 16 hours, like promised, then for at least 10, which is pretty good in my book, especially considering that I have been wearing this foundation during the summer, in a really hot and humid climate. So I really put these foundations to a test!

So if you are looking for a flawless base, I definitely recommend trying Infallible foundations! I think they might work best on oily/combination skin (such as my own) though, even though it says on the bottles they suit all skin types.

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