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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review: Moroccan Oil Shampoo (Moisture Repair)

It's time for another hair care product review (if you've missed it, I've been reviewing other shampoos and conditioners here, here and here, for instance) and this time I thought I would share some thoughts about the Moroccan Oil shampoo I got a while ago. But before I do, let me just mention that I have never actually been using the original Moroccan Oil, which I know a lot of people really love, so I really cannot compare the shampoo to the original oil product in any way. Just so you are aware of that!

As for the shampoo, there are some things I really like about it: It smells nice, but not too strong (but due to not having used the oil, I can't say how similar the scent of the shampoo is to the scent of the oil), and I think it could be a good choice for people who have a problem with strong scents in shampoos. I am not one of those people, I actually like fun smells, even the ones that stay in the hair afterwards, but it was nice to have a more neutral smelling shampoo too. 
So scent-wise, I loved this shampoo! 
I also liked the bottle, it's easy to use, and a little goes a long way with this shampoo, which is very good too.  So the packaging is just perfect, if you ask me. 
The shampoo is also sulphate and phosphate free, which is great of course, and the shampoo also cleans really well.

I do have one complaint about this shampoo though, which is actually a pretty serious one. As I might have mentioned already, I have pretty dry hair, and the reason I'm trying out a lot of new hair care products is that I want to make my hair less dry basically. But this shampoo seems to dry out my hair. I can't be completely sure than the dryness is because of the shampoo, since I have only been using it for a few weeks, and during these weeks, the weather actually turned really harsh (which could dry out the hair, I guess?) and cold, so the recent dryness of my hair could be caused by that as well, but after having read some other Moroccan Oil shampoo reviews, it seems other people have experienced the same drying effect after having used this shampoo, so I'm suspecting that it could be the reason after all.

But just in case I'm wrong, and the reason for my hair suddenly getting so dry is the weather and not the shampoo, I'll stop using this shampoo for now, and get back to this issue when I have had a chance to try the shampoo for a bit longer, when the weather is a bit more normal.

But let me put it like this: If it turns out my hair turned this dry because of the shampoo, I definitely would not get this again, because that is a deal breaker for me (but it might not be if you actually want to have less oily hair or something), but if it turns out there was no connection to the shampoo, I would get this shampoo again, because everything else about it is great!

So sorry for not having a more clear cut conclusion about this shampoo this time, but that's how it is when you try new products and something gets in the way I guess.

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