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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sales shopped: Bliss Fabulips kit

So far, I have managed to resist the online sales for fashion pretty well. I need to do that, since I have a trip planned in February, during which I will shop a lot (I'm going to Scandinavia! And who can resist Scandinavian skin care, fashion or design, right? So will need a well stocked wallet during that trip for sure), and the fashion sales really didn't tempt me that much this year anyway, since they turned out to be pretty disappointing in a lot of online stores I like (yes, Net-a-Porter, I mean you guys!). But the sales at the online beauty stores... that's another story!

Because why not take the chance to buy stuff you probably will be buying soon anyway at full price, for heavily discounted prices, right? That's why I am not even pretending I can resist these online sales anymore. I will definitely have ordered quite a few things before the sales are over!

The first thing I started out with today was a Bliss Fabulips set, with 4 different lip care products. That really appealed to me because my lips get super dry during the winter, which is a bit of a shame, since my lips are actually one of my best features, so I really should be looking out for them better! And I'm hoping this kit can help me do just that, it has gotten some quite nice reviews after all, and I love Bliss products, as a regular reader of this blog might already know, so my hopes are high for these too!

(pic from Feelunique, where I bought the kit)

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