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Monday, December 10, 2012

My first beauty box purchase: Beautylishious

I've been reading about beauty boxes for ages now, and I have always been kind of tempted to try one of these subscriptions. But a lot of the companies that offer monthly beauty boxes sadly do not ship to where I live, so my options were kind of limited. But now I've managed to find some beauty boxes that ship worldwide, so of course I should try some of them, just for the experience.

The first monthly beauty box I ordered was ironically not a box though, but a beauty bag, from Beautylishious. I should be getting it in January sometime and I am looking forward to it a lot. I need to form my own opinions on these monthly beauty boxes, because I am still not quite sure how I feel about them. On one hand, I do like trying new beauty products, of course, and the element of surprise with them appeals to me, but for the same price that you pay for these monthly beauty boxes, you could get at least one full priced beauty product that you choose yourself, and know that you like, so I am not sure they are worth it. Because what if you get a bunch of stuff that don't suit your coloring (talking make up here) or skin type?

But still, beauty samples are always fun, so the idea of having these sample beauty boxes is great if you ask me. I am just not sure if a beauty box monthly is for me.
This is why starting with Beautylishious was actually a good idea for me, you don't have to sign up for a subscription right away, but just order one box. And I guess if you like it, you order one - or several - more.

So let's see how the Beautylishious beauty box turns out. The brands listed on the website seem great at least (the list includes one of my absolute favorite brands: Soap and Glory, for instance!).
You have:
St. Ives
Crabtree & Evelyn
and The Body Shop, in it for instance.

And ordering a bag was simple as well.

I will be ordering some more beauty boxes further on, since I want to try to figure out what the best monthly beauty box available worldwide would be, so if you live outside the US/UK/Canada (the countries that seem to have the most monthly beauty boxes to choose from), stay tuned!

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