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Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Soap & Glory Dr Spot spot fighting gel

I've had amazing results with Soap & Glory beauty products so far, so when I ordered their Dr Spot spot fighting gel, to have for those times you get a spot that you really need to get rid of fast (yep, it happens. And way more often that I would like, in my case), I hoped it would work, but I didn't really think it would. The reason for that mainly being that I have tried A LOT of similar products, and they have never worked like I wanted them to. Most of them do not effect the spot at all, and the ones that do, tend to dry out the skin completely, which means your skin still looks horrible afterwards, since you have one or two more dry patches on your face. And the worst spot fighters are of course those who don't effect the spot, but only dry your skin out, creating a new problem, without even fixing the first one!

So whenever I have tried products like this one, I have always, always been disappointed. And that goes for natural remedies like tea tree oil and similar too, I have tried those as well.

So my hopes were not that high when I noticed that I had indeed gotten a spot, and decided to try Dr Spot for the first time.

In order to understand how well I think this product worked, you should understand how I used it. I noticed I was getting a spot in the morning, and I did have Dr Spot in a drawer somewhere, but since I had no idea how the gel would work, I decided not to take any chances and try it before I had to go to work. So I just left the spot alone, and it got bigger and more annoying during the day. So right before going to bed, I decided to put some of the gel on, to see what would happen.
And in the morning, less than 6 hours later (I sleep way too little, I know!), the spot was almost completely gone! And believe me, that never happens to me with spots, even if I pop them (you shouldn't, I know, but I feel it helps make them go away faster) they're generally there for several days, even up to a week most of the time, so there is no way the spot/zit could have gone away by itself, it had to be the gel!
So I am incredibly impressed, but since I haven't had a spot since then (also a good thing, and could be because of the other Soap & Glory products I have been using, like the Scrub Your Nose in It scrub, my skin really has gotten much better in every way since I started using them), I can't know for sure if this is a one time thing, or something you can expect every time you use Dr Spot. So just in case it was indeed a one time thing, I might get back to reviewing it again in the future, if it should turn out that it doesn't always work.

But the first time I tried it, it was indeed nothing less of a skin miracle! So very highly recommended for now!

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