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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Soap and Glory Off Your Face cleansing cloths

I've tried Soap & Glory's Deep Pore Purifying T-Zone cleansing cloths in the past, and loved them. (You can find out why here, if you are interested) But Soap & Glory also makes cleansing cloths that help you take off your make up as well, so when placing an order online for some other Soap & Glory items that I use on a regular basis (such as the Clear Here moisturizer, the Face Soap and Clarity face wash and the Scrub Your Nose In It facial scrub) a while ago, I decided to get their regular Off Your Face cleansing cloths as well.
These cleansing cloths are supposed to get your make up off as well, something the other Soap & Glory cleansing cloths don't, so while they are a bit similar to the previous cloths I've tried, they are different. I do think they cleansed my skin very well and left it feeling very clean, yet nice, something a lot of similar wipes, from cheaper brands don't. I've also noticed that using only Soap & Glory products does wonders for my skin, so since I am a fan of so many other products of theirs, I intend to keep using the Off Your Face cloths as well.
They also exfoliate your skin ever so gently, which is kind of nice, and since most facial wipes I've tried don't do that, I think that really sets these apart from other brand's similar products.

One thing you should know about the Off Your Face wipes, if you are considering getting them, however, is that they do not come with the typical girly Soap & Glory scent you might know from some of their other products. In my opinion, that's a bit of a shame, but since the product is so good otherwise, I will still buy this again for sure!
I just wish I could bulk buy these, as well as Soap & Glory's other cleansing cloths somehow. (If you are wondering why I buy both, I use the Off Your Face ones when I am wearing make up and need to get it off quickly for some reason, and the other ones when I just want to freshen up my skin slightly, and am not wearing make up. So I do think I need both!)

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