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Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Davidoff Cool Water Woman

I mentioned in a previous post that Davidoff's Cool Water Woman is one of my favorite scents, but I never got into why at that time. But since I just got a new bottle of this, I thought I would write a bit about that now instead.
The first thing you should know about this scent, if you didn't already is that it is a bit of a retro scent, since Davidoff Cool Water Woman was first introduced in 1996. I'm not sure I tried it then already, but I remember wearing it around 1998 to 1999 at least. So I've been familiar with this scent for a long time. It popped up when unisex scents, like CK One, were really popular, and it's a very casual, light and airy kind of scent, that at least I think is very suitable for every day wear.
It kind of smells like it looks, I think, the bottle is very well chosen for this scent, and I like it especially during the summer.

I must say that longevity is not Davidoff Cool Water Woman's strong suit though, I can't smell the scent all day when I apply this, but it does last for a couple of hours, I would say.

But the retro factor and the fact that it's so light and cool (meaning in the cold way, not the hip way) keeps me hooked to this scent, over 10 years after I first tried it! A pretty good sign, I would say!

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