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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Hair Turban

I've mentioned my love for Soap & Glory products many times, but this time, I thought I would review a rather unusual product: their hair turban, which is meant to be used instead of a towel, after you wash your hair.
I read about the Soap & Glory Hair Turban and thought it sounded nice, but wasn't sure it would work for me, since my hair is very thick, very long and quite heavy. But I am happy to say that the turban fit all of my hair in it, without any problems. And even though I wasn't quite sure how easy the turban would be to use, I had no problems with that either (it comes with instructions, but since there is just one loop and one button on it, it's hard to do it wrong anyway). It's very easy to put on, comfortable to have on, even for quite a long time, but that's really not necessary, since it does dry the hair quite fast. Amazing, really!
I honestly thought this would be a rather useless item, but now that I have had a chance to try it, I am hooked! So much so, that I will buy a few more of these, so I will always have one at hand, even if I haven't managed to do the laundry since my last hair wash.
Highly recommended, even for those with long and heavy hair like mine! But I think it probably works even faster and better for those with shorter and thinner hair, but since I can't try that for myself, that's just a theory.

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