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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: Maybelline Affinitone Mineral Perfecting & Soothing Foundation

I am running out of foundations at the moment, so while dropping by my local drug store the other day, I decided to get a Maybelline foundation on a whim. I ended up with the Maybelline Affinitone Mineral Perfecting & Soothing Foundation, an oil-free mineral foundation that I thought for some reason would be suitable for oily and combination skin. Well, it's not!
Because this foundation is actually very, very shiny in itself, and while it didn't make my skin break out or anything like that (the cardinal sin for a foundation), the effect of applying it didn't last for very long, the staying power was one of the worst I've seen lately, so I would really only recommend this for girls looking for a dewy look. You will achieve that with this foundation, but if you want any kind of matte look, this foundation is really not for you.
The coverage is not great either, the Maybelline Affinitone Mineral Perfecting & Soothing Foundation doesn't cover any imperfections you may have, and in my case, I even got the impression that it highlighted the blemishes I have.
So if you are having a particularly blemish free and perfect skin day and don't mind a bit of shine, this would be a good choice, but that rarely happens to me, so I don't think I will even use up the bottle I got.
On the plus side, the foundation gives you a very natural and not cakey end result. But so do many others, while providing coverage and non-shine at the same time, so I see no need to get this foundation, no matter what your needs are, really.

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