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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Laline Hot Mama thermal mask

I'm really into face masks at the moment, as you may have noticed if you've read some of my previous posts, I have been reviewing quite a few face masks lately, after all. (Exhibit a, exhibit b and exhibit c will show you that, if you don't believe me!)

And one of the more interesting masks I have been using lately is Laline's Hot Mama Thermal Mask, a face mask that is described by Laline themselves to be a spa type mask, that you should apply if you don't have time to go to the spa, and want the spa to come to you instead, basically.
Now, I don't ever go to spas in order to do face masks (even though I love spas for other treatments) so I can't really comment on how true that description is, but I will say that the Hot Mama Thermal Mask did make my skin feel very nice and clean, so I was pleased with that.
The mask is pretty sticky though (the consistency reminds me of pure honey in a way), and I noticed already in the Laline store when I bought that almost all the packs they had were dirty and has some mask on them. I guess people had been playing around with the tester around the packs they were actually selling or something. But I could really understand how that could happen when I opened the pack at home myself, because the stickiness of this mask makes it very messy. So even if I was really careful with the mask, having seen the "damage" is did to all the packs sold in the store, I did manage to make quite a mess with it in my bathroom. Not that this is something one can't clean pretty easily, but still, this being the messiest mask I've ever owned makes this worth mentioning anyway.
I must also say that this is not called a thermal mask for no reason. It actually does heat up, which is not something I am used to with most face masks. I personally did not like the warm sensation that much, but I would say that's a matter of personal taste more than anything. And the results I got with this mask were really good, my skin looked awesome afterwards, so I will definitely get another one when I run out, despite the mask being so messy, sticky and the weird sensation while using it. The results simply are THAT good!

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