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Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: Laline Shampoomania Shampoo

As I've mentioned before, I am looking for good, cruelty free hair care products, and like I've mentioned before, Laline actually makes really good cruelty free products (I love their skin care and their soaps, for instance), so I thought I'd try their hair care products as well. I ended up buying a small bottle of their Shampoomania Shampoo, and a small conditioner, because I wanted to try a sample before actually buying a big bottle of the stuff (I've been rather disappointed by a lot of hair care products lately and prefer not to have a lot of bad products around in my home).
And the Shampoomania Shampoo is quite nice. It's very discreetly scented (so I think people who like scent free, natural smelling shampoos would appreciate the scent) and washes your hair well. Since that's the main purpose of a shampoo, I am pleased with that fact alone. So while this shampoo is nothing to get super excited about, it does it's job and is more reasonably priced than some of the other cruelty free shampoos I have been trying lately.
So I will definitely be getting this shampoo again, and I am very pleased that I decided to try this. I should also mention that the shampoo is sulfate free, and best suited for dry hair (which I indeed have).
It's for sale at the Laline USA website right now, if you want to get it and happen to live in the United States.

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