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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Bliss Eau de Toilette

I've already mentioned that I got the Bliss Eau de Toilette a while ago, and my hopes were rather high for this scent, since Bliss is one of my all time favorite beauty brands, along with Soap and Glory. And as you may remember, I didn't think the fact that I really love Soap and Glory beauty products would also mean that I would love their scent, but indeed I did. In fact, the Soap and Glory Original Pink scent became one of my favorites, so I started thinking the Bliss Eau de Toilette could be very nice too.

But as it turns out, exactly the things I liked about the Soap and Glory scent, are missing in the Bliss Eau de Toilette, and the things I found to be missing in the Soap and Glory scent are actually better in the Bliss scent.  Let me explain what I mean:

First of all, I didn't like the scent that much. I actually thought this scent would be more to my liking than the Soap and Glory scent, since very sweet scents (like Soap and Glory, according to reviews) can be a bit annoying, and I generally like very fresh smells, like the Bliss Eau de Toilette was described to be. One of my favorite scents is Davidoff's Cool Water, for instance, and in my head, I imagined the Bliss Eau de Toilette to be something similar. But it wasn't. And while Bliss themselves market the Bliss Eau de Toilette as something that smells like a spa, I haven't really been to a spa that smells like this. (I must admit that I haven't been to a real Bliss spa yet, though, if that matters to anyone. I've just tried their products - a bunch of them! - at home)
First of all, the cucumber smell in this scent is very over powering, and while I do like cucumbers, and even their smell, smelling like a cucumber is not something I strive for, so I found that a bit weird. I also thought the smell of alcohol was really strong in this scent, and that is something I don't appreciate, I want my scents to smell of something nice, and while alcohol can be nice for some things, I wouldn't say the smell of it is the nicest. So that was really a disappointment for me.
There are some other notes besides cucumber and alcohol in this scent of course, but these two are so overpowering for me, that they kind of ruined the rest of it for me.

On the plus side, however, the lasting power of this scent is really impressive. If you remember, I really liked the scent of the Soap and Glory Eau de toilette, but the scent didn't last for very long. But this does! So if you like the scent, I would say it's a good buy. Since I don't, however, it isn't really for me. Because why would I want to smell like something I don't like for a long time?
I must admit the scent is very unique, light and modern though. And I've never smelled anything quite like it! So if you are looking for a really unique scent, this may be for you. But because I didn't really "get" the scent, I won't be repurchasing this personally.

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