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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Stella In Two Peony

I've mentioned before that I am currently trying to find a new favorite scent, but the fact that I've run out of all my favorite fragrances (including this, which has to be my all time favorite) has also forced me to actually wear some fragrances that I have had lying around for ages, but don't wear on a regular basis, until I get the new fragrances I ordered online. One such scent was Stella McCartney's Stella In Two Peony, which is a very light, girly and summery scent, based on rose and peony.
Now, this scent is actually nice, and feminine, but I think what I didn't like about it (that made me stop using it, I mean) was the fact that it is just not special in any way. It's not memorable, it doesn't get you any compliments (which may sound silly to complain about, but a lot of the other scents I wear actually get commented on almost every time I wear them, so I am kind of used to that) and I also think you can smell the alcohol in this scent, something I am not fond of.

So while I would not advice anyone against getting this scent, it did not turn out to be a favorite of any kind for me (I actually did not even buy this myself, I was given it as a gift in the first place, I don't know if I would have gotten it otherwise), and I won't be buying it again. So a bland perfume, all in all. Sorry Stella, I love your fashion, but scents may not be your thing...

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