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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review: Soap and Glory Original Pink Perfume

I mentioned a while ago that I had gotten the Soap and Glory Original Pink Perfume, and while I was hopeful about it, I must admit I wasn't really sure this scent would be nice. Because just because a brand is good at skincare or make up, it doesn't mean they are necessarily good at scents too, I think we've all seen examples of that sometimes. And I am also a very picky scent shopper, I dislike most scents for various reasons, and basically only the Moschino scents as well as a few others, like Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue are ones I go back to time after time. So that basically means I rarely repurchase scents, that's how picky I am!

But the Soap and Glory Original Pink scent turned out to be a really nice surprise! You see, it has that typical Soap and Glory scent, that I absolutely love, and that you can find in several of their other products as well, which is pretty much what I was hoping for, to be honest.
According to Soap and Glory, the scent consists of bergamot, citrus, rose, peach, strawberry, musk, jasmine and a bunch of other things, but to describe the scent using these classifications would just be wrong. Instead, I would say it is a very unique and very girly smell! So I can highly recommend this scent to anyone who is a fan of other Soap and Glory beauty products and their smell. If you haven't tried Soap and Glory products yet, I would suggest trying something like their Flake Away Body Polish, which smells similar, first, to see what you think. (Because even though I love this scent, if you don't like their scents in general, buying a whole bottle of it might be a bit of a waste...)

I'm not super excited about the bottle though (and you can't see how much there is left in the bottle since you can't see through it any place), but I don't mind that so much, I don't buy scents for their bottles anyway, and I must admit the Original Pink Eau de Toilette has the disadvantage of not lasting very long. You might need to reapply this from time to time, which is a bit of a downside with a scent. I've heard that you can make the scent last longer if you combine it with the body butter with the same scent, so I might try that to see if it's true.

But all in all, this scent is really a must for all Soap and Glory fans! I am so happy I got it, and would definitely get it again! I probably will as soon as I run out, in fact! And that's a huge compliment, coming from me!

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