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Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Bliss Fabulips kit

I have a lot of issues during the winter, when it gets really cold. And one of my main issues, that has been bothering me lately, has been the fact that my lips get very dry and chapped. Of course, some lip balm cures that partly, but I decided to really take this challenge on seriously and get a serious lip set, made by Bliss, since I saw this on sale anyway.

Now, some people say that these products are not really necessary, that just a lip balm will do, and before I got the set, I tended to agree. Because who needs a foaming lip cleanser, a special lip scrub and so on? These products just don't seem that useful, but after having tried them, I actually think they are. Here's why:

The Bliss Fabulips set consists of 4 different products:
The foaming lip cleanser
The Sugar Lip Scrub
The Instant Lip Plumper
and a Softening Lip Balm.
I thought I might enjoy the Lip Plumper and maybe the Lip Balm, while the first two products would be kind of useless, but that turned out not to be the case of all.
I actually saw what came out of my lips after I used the foaming lip cleanser, and while I don't want to gross anyone out by going into too much details about that, I will say they seemed to need a cleanse (I've used this product twice now, and the same thing went for both times, around 2 weeks apart). And I don't use lip products every day, so imagine how people who wear lipstick and stuff all the time must feel when they take a look at what comes out of their lips!

I normally don't clean my lips especially, I just didn't think they needed to be cleaned that much, but after having seen how the wipe looked after I wiped the cleanser of, I have definitely changed my mind about that!
I also really enjoyed using the lip cleanser, it foams up a lot, and looks kind of cool on, so that was a nice experience. But the main reason I like the Bliss foaming lip cleanser is not the gimmick of the fun way it looks, just how well it actually seems to be working.

As for the Sugar Lip Scrub in the kit, it smells divine. I actually wanted to lick it too, to have a taste of it, but since this is not something you should do with beauty products, I didn't, but I want to mention this so you will realize just how amazing this smells! It's a very gentle scrub, but it was just what my lips seemed to need, so I was very impressed by that as well. It was a pleasure to use in every way, and I must say my lips felt transformed after I used both the cleanser and the Sugar Lip Scrub. I think it's a really good idea to use them together though, I think using only the cleanser or only the lip scrub won't give you the same result, but combined, they solved all my lip issues at least.
As for the Instant Lip Plumper, I actually like Lip Plumpers a lot, I am obsessed with the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, for instance, but I don't think this plumper is special in any way. It's nice, and smells nice, but I wouldn't say it did that much for my lips. There are better lip plumpers on the market, if you ask me. I prefer several of the ones I've tried over this, and I haven't even tried that many of them.

The same goes for the Lip Balm. It's nice, but it's a pretty basic lip balm, so I wouldn't say it's something to get very excited about. But since I now have both the Bliss Instant Lip Plumper and the Bliss Softening Lip Balm, I will use them until I run out. They are not bad products in any way, just not that unique or amazing either.

But the Bliss Foaming Lip Cleanser and the Sugar Lip Scrub are definitely products that really surprised me, I will definitely try to get hold of those again!

All in all, I am happy I got this set, it really helped me with my lips and the products were all cool, and much more useful than I could have ever imagined. Well, two of them anyway...

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