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Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Hairkop Essence Obliphica Treatment Hair Mask

If you read my previous post, you already know that I quite like the Hairkop Essence Obliphica shampoo, but I actually also got a hair mask from the same range, and I like that even more! Because while the Hairkop Essence Obliphica shampoo smells nice, the hair mask smells absolutely amazing! I must say it's probably one of the best smelling hair products I have ever, ever tried, and that is a huge plus for me!

And what's more, the scent actually stays in your hair too, which is even better!
The hair mask is intended for dry, damaged and colored hair, so it suits my hair type perfectly, and I do think it made my hair both softer, more manageable and less dry, while making it smell divine at the same time too, of course. So what more could you ask for, really?
The texture is quite creamy and similar to most other hair masks that I've tried, so unlike the shampoo from the same range, the texture itself is nothing exciting. But since the mask really does wonders for my hair, who cares, right?

I will definitely be getting this hair mask again and I am really thankful to the guy in the store where I buy my hair products, because he is actually the one that suggested I try this range, he thought it would suit my hair well, and it really did! So sometimes it pays off to listen to the "experts" I guess...

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