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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: Ooh La Spa Fresh Minty Foot Scrub

This is one of the products I got in my Beautylishious beauty box some time ago. And while I have tried foot scrubs before (you could see one in my "What's in my shower" post last year, for instance), I must admit I am not a regular user of foot scrubs, but I still think I have enough experience in order to compare this foot scrub to other foot scrubs.

I would say the advantage this foot scrub has over others that I've tried is the scent. It's really quite lovely, and minty of course, which I like, since it goes well with another foot product I am using at the moment, Soap & Glory's Heel Genius, that also has a minty scent. So thumbs up for that!
I would say that the grains in this foot scrub seem rather small though, I've tried some in the past with bigger grains, that felt more rough on my feet, and I did feel that those foot scrubs were slightly more effective. So this might not be the best foot scrub out there, but if your feet are only slightly dry or you don't want to use anything too rough on them for whatever reason, this foot scrub is definitely worth trying!

I'm not sure I'd get it again, though. But not because the product is bad or anything, mostly because I am not a regular user of foot scrubs like I said, so I mostly use them if I get them as gifts or in beauty boxes or the like.

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