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Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Nature's Gate Lavender and Aloe Shampoo

I've mentioned over and over again on the blog that I try to buy only cruelty free hair products, but finding cruelty free hair products that are good is actually surprisingly difficult. Recently, I did find a shampoo, as well as a conditioner, that I really like, though. And it's cruelty free, so I am quite happy about it.

The shampoo in question is from a brand called Nature's Gate, and besides being cruelty free, it is also organic and sulfate free as a bonus. I wasn't familiar with this brand before trying this shampoo, but I like the shampoo so much, I will definitely try more of their products in the future if given a chance.
So why do I like this shampoo so much?
Well, first of all the scent is great. I am one of those people who wash their hair before going to bed sometimes, and lavender has always had a very calming effect on me, so having my hair smell of lavender in the evening is really great! The shampoo is actually supposed to be a lavender and aloe one, but I think it mostly smells of lavender, I can't say I feel the aloe scent very much.
Second of all, it makes my hair very clean and doesn't dry it out, like some shampoos can (which is a disaster for someone like me, who has dry hair to begin with!).

So this is definitely one of my favorite shampoos at the moment!

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