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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My second Glamguru box

I got my first beauty box from Glamguru at the end of May, and since I was quite pleased with it (read why here), I decided to get another one as well. I wasn't as happy with this one as I was with the first Glamguru box, however. The products just seemed way smaller and less unique compared to last time, and only one of the products really suit me. Not that this is really Glamguru's fault (because how are they supposed to know what suits me and not?), but it's still a bit dissapointing to me.

This Glamguru box came in a cute box:
And inside there was a pink Glamguru makeup case, which could have been nice if it wasn't for the fact that I have way too many makeup bags already, and really, really don't need more.
The products I got were:
- An eye brow pencil that I forgot to take a photo of.
- A bottle of Jasmin Natural Care Perfume Oil Extract Vanilla
- A bag of Emerald Bay Dark Tanning Lotion (definitely something I will never use, since I don't want to be tanned and burn in the sun anyway, so if any of my readers want this, let me know (preferrably by email: jojogalblogs @ gmail . com) and I can send it to you!)
- A Pomegranate Moisturizing Body Bar by Simply Be Well
- A small bottle of Silk Moisture Shampoo from Senscience (this is actually a product that could be useful for me, so this is the only one I am really looking forward to trying!)
- A small tube of San Francisco Soap Company's Coconut Mango Moisturizing Hand Cream.
I will be reviewing some of these products separately on the blog, I only just got the box a couple of days ago, so I haven't had the time to give these a try yet. But all in all, I wasn't as pleased with this box as I thought I would be, so I am not sure I will be getting more of these boxes. Let's see what others say about the next box and then decide I guess...

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