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Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder

A while ago, I got a Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder when I ordered some stuff on Strawberrynet, and I was pretty excited, since I had been wanting to try Korres products for quite some time, having heard a lot of good things about them in the past. But I was also thinking this product might not be the best one to get started with, since I don't really wear a lot of powder (I used to when I was younger, and then suddenly discovered that too much powder is not really such a good thing, and haven't dared to go near it since, basically!).

This powder is supposed to be suitable for oily skin, like mine though, which sounded good, since I don't think most powders are, and I was lucky enough to get a shade that suited me really well.
I did like the packaging a lot, even though it is not very unique, but it's sleek and chic, which appeals to me. The powder in it is also soft and easy to apply, and the Korres Multivitamin Compact Powder comes with both a mirror and a sponge in the case, so you have all you need in the package you get.

I do not believe the coverage of this powder is good enough for me to use it as a compact foundation powder, but if your skin is oily, yet doesn't need much coverage, this might be a really good choice for you.
I personally need more coverage, so I don't think I will be getting this powder again, but I am still really happy I got a chance to try it, because it seems to be a nice product, in nice packaging, just not one that suits me that well.

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