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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Murad Pure skin clarifying dietary supplement

I get breakouts on a regular basis and had been considering taking some dietary supplements to battle this for a while, but I did not really find anything good for a long, long time. Until someone recommended Murad's Pure skin clarifying dietary supplement and said that it had really worked for them. So I ordered one bottle of these pills online, and started taking them.
You're supposed to take 2 pills twice a day, and I stuck really well to that regimen, even though I must admit that the pills both smell and taste quite horrible!
But I figured that I had already bought a bottle, so I might as well finish it up, even though it tasted quite bad, and despite not seeing any results during the first 2 weeks.

But during the third week and on wards, my skin really did start clearing up! I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's much, much better, and any blemishes I get, are really small and rare. (I used to get some blemishes every week before, now I get maybe one a month, so it is a huge improvement)
Based on reviews I've read about these pills it seems they really work for some people, but don't work at all for others, so I guess it's very individual if they could help you or not. But if you are looking for any kind of dietary supplements to help with your skin, these are definitely worth a try! I will definitely keep buying them for myself!

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  1. What an interesting product! I've never heard of anti-blemish pills before. What is in them that counteracts blemishes? And are they designed to tackle a certain cause of blemishes?