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Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Pink Coral

This perfume was actually given to me as a present, by someone who is a big fan of it themselves. This perfume was apparently released in 2009, but it definitely has the scent of a very classic Estee Lauder scent to me (I have some previous experiences with the brand, although not very extensive), classy and pure, rather than cheap and trendy. It's also a light and summery scent, perfect for every day wear, and I would also say it's not really a coincidence that it has the word "pink" in it's name, it definitely smells very pink indeed!
The scent doesn't last for very long though, which is the biggest disadvantage with this scent to me, I would need to reapply this several times during a working day if I wanted to make sure the scent could be felt all the time, I think.

I would also say that the scent is not very original. It doesn't really bother me, since I have quite a lot of very original scents in my perfume collection, but it could be a bit disappointing if you are getting this and are expecting something very unique, I guess, because this perfume isn't it.
The bottle is also very classy and simple, which I like. It fits the Estee Lauder brand if you ask me, and it's important that brands stick to what they do best, and I definitely think Estee Lauder does that with Pure White Linen Pink Coral.

So all in all a great present, and I am really happy I had a chance to try this scent, since I am not sure it's a scent I would go out and buy for myself.

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