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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Shisheido Sun Protection Eye Cream

I live in a very sunny country, where sunscreen is really important. But even so, I had never tried a specific sun protection eye cream, until I ran into a good deal for Shisheido's Sun Protection Eye Cream at my local pharmacy. So I decided to give it a try, even though I was not so familiar with Shisheido skin care until then.
This cream comes with SPF 25, and I was expecting it to have an eye cream like texture, but the texture of this is actually more like sunscreen, making it a bit too heavy for an eye cream, in my opinion. I also have rather dry skin around my eyes, despite having oily skin otherwise, so I do need something in this area that actually moisturizes a lot too. The Shisheido Sun Protection Eye Cream, unfortunately does not. So at least I need to use another eye cream on top of this one, which is not what I was hoping for, since I thought this was some kind of combination product.
So while this is a great sunscreen by all means, and might be a great fit for anyone who doesn't want to apply regular sunscreen around their eyes, it's not much more than that.
That means I probably won't be getting this again, but I wouldn't mind trying other similar products in the future, since the idea of combined eye cream and sunscreen is great!

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