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Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Decleor Aroma Night Ying Yang purifying night balm

I mentioned in a previous post that the Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Mask reminded me of how much I actually like Decleor products, and made me decide to get some more Decleor stuff. Well, I did, and now I thought I would share what I thought of their Aroma Night Ying Yang purifying night balm, a completely new product for me, but I saw that it had excellent reviews, and since I've never really used night face masks, I thought it could be interesting to try what having a face mask on during the night might be like.
I must say that using face masks during the night might not be for me. This mask is rather greasy, no matter how much of it you apply, and while it didn't really make my hair or pillow cases dirty or anything, I did find it a bit weird to go to bed with such a greasy face. I also thought the balm might have "soaked in" by morning but nope, my face was just as greasy when I woke up too, so I did need to clean my face thoroughly as soon as I woke up, to get rid of the stuff.
But! Even though the Decleor Aroma Night balm feels greasy, it definitely does not make my skin greasy at all! Instead, my skin looked excellent after having used this, so it really does work! If you have oily and combination skin, like me, and don't mind the greasy feeling at night, this is definitely worth trying, because I was really impressed with how my skin looked afterwards!
The Decleor Aroma Night Ying Yang purifying balm smells wonderful too, so it is definitely a more high end product than some of the other skin care I use. And while this might seem like an expensive balm, it actually isn't, since a little really goes a long way with this balm. You only need to use very little at a time, so I think one small jar will last for quite some time, to be honest.
So I came to the rather weird conclusion that I probably won't be getting this again myself, because I am just weirded out by the greasy feeling of it, but I would still really, really recommend it to others! Because while it seems weird that something greasy, with essential oils, would improve already oily skin, it actually does! So give this a try if you have any skin problems like that at all!

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