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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Kava Kava shampoo for dry and damaged hair

I tried the Kava Kava shampoo and hair mask for blonde hair a while ago, and was really pleased with both products, so when I saw that Kava Kava also makes a similar set for dry and damaged hair, which is not a very far off description of my own hair (well, it's not so damaged, but dry for sure!), I really wanted to try the Kava Kava shampoo and hair mask for dry and damaged hair too.

And I have to say that these products are really good as well! They don't look as cool as the purple Kava Kava products for blonde hair, but looks aren't everything, and they do work wonders!

This shampoo doesn't really have a very distinctive scent, but I don't really mind that, since the hair mask, that I always use after the shampoo (but more about the mask in a separate post) smells quite nice.
The shampoo is hydroganic and organic as well, and is cruelty free, which is very important to me these days, when choosing a shampoo, so I can't really think of anything bad at all to say about this shampoo. Especially since it's available in really big bottles too (that's the kind I got myself)!

Highly recommended, I will definitely be buying this again. The only problem is, I can't decide if I like this shampoo or the Kava Kava shampoo for blonde hair better. So I guess I will just have to alternate between the two... Oh, well!
If you're interested in reading more about this shampoo, I recommend Kava Kava's own website, where they have a description of it as well.

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