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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk

I love Bliss and their awesome products, as well as Soap & Glory, another brand founded by the same woman that founded Bliss. So I am always really excited to try out new Bliss products, but when I ordered the Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk, I wasn't prepared for how similar it would be to Soap & Glory's Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk. But these products really are quite similar (even the bottles look the same!), except when it comes to the scent. Peaches and Clean has a peachy scent, after all (hardly surprising, considering the name), while Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk has a nice citrus/grapefruit scent.
I must say I prefer the scent of the Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk, but I think that's mostly a matter of personal preference.
Another thing you should know is that you can actually leave the Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk on for a bit longer, for like 5 minutes, if you want a more thorough cleansing of your skin. I don't think you can do that with Peaches and Clean, because I've tried it by accident once, and it really made my skin sting, but the Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk doesn't do that, so you can use it as a faster version of a face mask from time to time as well, if you want.
(I must admit I don't do that though, if I want a face mask, I put an actual face mask on instead, so I am only using this cleansing milk when I am in a hurry)

I have oily/combination skin and this really helps clear my skin up. So I can definitely recommend it for anyone looking for clearer skin. I will get this cleansing milk again for sure, and maybe alternate between this and the Peaches and Clean one.

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  1. Nice review! I've tried Bliss products before but not this. It's a nice brand, but a bit pricey