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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: Lee Stafford Poker Straight conditioner

I mentioned in my previous post, the review about the Lee Stafford Poker Straight shampoo, that I wasn't very pleased with the conditioner from the same range either. But I will say that the conditioner was a tiny bit better than the shampoo, since the texture of the conditioner was quite nice. But other than that, the Lee Stafford Poker Straight conditioner has the same problems as the shampoo, mainly that the scent is very strong and not nice at all, that the bottle is quite bad and hard to get anything out of.
The conditioner also doesn't do anything about making your hair straighter, which was a huge disappointment, since that's why I got this product in the first place, and it also doesn't hydrate my hair at all, my hair was always very dry after I used this.
You also really need to use quite a lot of this product in order to feel like it's enough, so the small bottle I got, would not last me very long at all, if I kept using this. But I actually won't do that anyway, since I didn't like this conditioner one bit, so in my case that won't really be a problem, but if you are reading this review in order to figure out if you will manage with one bottle of conditioner per one bottle of shampoo, the answer would definitely be no, at least if you have longer hair. In that case, you definitely need to get at least 2 bottles of the conditioner!
That said, though, I really wouldn't recommend the shampoo OR the conditioner, they just didn't do anything at all for me, and there are way better alternatives out there, so I'd highly recommend trying other shampoos instead.

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