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Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Mon Platin Natural Silk Therapy Hair Mask

I reviewed my new Mon Platin shampoo for blondes recently, but I also mentioned that I had a hair mask from the same brand already, so let's take a look at it now, shall we?

This mask is not just for blondes, though, like the shampoo, and it's also not purple in color, like the shampoo, but white in color, and suitable for all hair colors. It does have black caviar and silk in it though, so it does have some similarities to the shampoo, despite the differences.
The Mon Platin shampoo had a very distinctive and luxurious scent, which the hair mask doesn't, so because I was very pleased with the Mon Platin shampoo scent, the rather boring and neutral scent of the hair mask kind of disappointed me. But I did like the texture of it, and it does seem to agree with my hair, even though it didn't really do any wonders for me.
So I guess I would describe the Mon Platin Natural Silk Therapy Hair Mask as a rather average hair mask, that lacks the qualities that sets the Mon Platin shampoo apart. But it's not a bad hair mask by any means, just nothing special.
So I might buy this hair mask again if I run into it on offer for a really good price or something, but I am not in any rush to get another one of these jars, to be honest. But since the hair mask seems to last for quite some time (a very good quality!), luckily I don't have to either! I still have quite a lot of it left!

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