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Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Payot Alcohol-free revitalizing toner with wild rose hip

This is the first product I will be reviewing, that I got in my GlamGuru box that I got recently.

I should mention that I only got a small bottle of this, though, so I haven't really been using this toner for a long time.
But even during the short time that I did use this toner, I noticed that:
- It smells wonderful. Scent is really important to me, nice scents make it so much more enjoyable for me to use a product for some reason, and this toner definitely has that!
- It doesn't sting or anything, making it very pleasant to use. It has some kind of a natural feel to it, which I really, really like.
- It didn't make me break out or anything like that, which is always a primary concern for me, since I have rather problematic, combination/oily skin, and this toner is not for that kind of skin type at all. So I was a bit worried it would cause some kind of problems for me, but it didn't!
Besides that, I am not much of a toner user, so I can't really compare this to other toners. I would probably get it again though, if at some point I decided that toner is something I need. But at the moment, I can do without toner too, so I don't plan on getting this toner any time soon. That said, I have nothing negative to say about this specific toner, it's more an issue of me not being a toner type of gal...

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