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Sunday, June 30, 2013

How I store parts of my beauty items

I always find posts about beauty storage very interesting, so I think it is only fair I write some posts about how I store my own beauty products as well. Some of the things I own are actually stored in some really cute metal boxes, made by Derriere La Porte, so I thought showing those boxes - and their contents - would be a good start.

The boxes look like this:
And one of the boxes is for samples, and a rather small one. I was actually hoping it would be bigger when I bought it, but it was kind of hard to judge how big it was since I bought it online. So when I got it, I realized I wouldn't be able to fit all my samples into it, but I do try to put the samples I am currently using or want to get around to using in it.
This is what it currently contains:
It's some Payot products, that I got in the Glamguru box I got recently, some Paul and Joe miniature bottles that I haven't used up yet, half a sample of a Valentino perfume, a body lotion I got on a trip recently and a hair serum from Mon Platin, the brand that makes the hair mask and shampoo that I reviewed recently (here and here). If I remember correctly, I got the hair serum with the hair mask. But if not, then with the shampoo.
I also have a box for all my lip products, and this box is much bigger.
So it actually fits quite a lot of stuff:
What's currently in it is basically several products from the Bliss Fabulips set (reviewed here), Rosebud Salve in Minted Rose in both a jar and a tube, a breath freshening spray by Anatomicals (I am actually not sure why this is in my lip box, but it is, so I decided to leave it in, for authenticity's sake), a lip butter from Jelly Belly (Jelly Bean), a MAC Cremesheen Glass and a MAC Lustreglass, a Chanel lipstick (reviewed here), a Chanel lip balm (review to come!), a Dior Lip Maximizer (reviewed here), a Dior Lip Glow (reviewed here), a Pupa lip gloss that I got in the Glamguru box recently and a YSL Sheer Candy lip gloss.
With the exception of the Pupa lip gloss, that I haven't actually gotten around to trying yet, I use pretty much all of these products on a regular basis, but since I like variation, I don't always reach for the same product. So it's pretty handy to have a box where I can place all of them, so that I don't have to look around for lip products too much in the morning. Due to their small size, these small tubes can get lost quite easily otherwise.

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