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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review: Sephora Vanilla Creamy Body Wash

I think I've mentioned before on the blog that there isn't a Sephora where I live, which is why I make sure to always visit Sephora while traveling. And when I saw several Sephora stores in Athens, Greece, while traveling recently, I did not make an exception to this rule. Instead, I went in and bought quite a few things. I will be reviewing several of them here on the blog, of course, but let's start with Sephora's own Vanilla Creamy Body Wash.
Now, due to my previous, rather unpleasant experiences with Sephora's own products, you might think I would steer clear of their products these days, but I have to say this is not the case, since Sephora always seems to come up with new, really appealing products somehow. Like the Sephora Vanilla Creamy Body Wash, as it happens.

You see, I love vanilla in any shape or form. I love to eat it, smear it on myself and even spray it on myself when I can (even though I haven't really ran into a very good vanilla perfume for a long time). And when I visited Sephora, I actually needed a new body wash, since I had ran out of my old ones. So this seemed like a really sensible purchase to me!
And it actually really was! Because not only does this body wash smell delicious, and exactly like vanilla, it is a really pleasant product to use too. The texture is nice, a little goes a long way with this body wash, and I think the scent lingers for quite some time, which I really like.

So I would definitely get this one again! I also bought the same body wash in some other scents as well, but I haven't had a chance to try those yet, so let me get back to you when I have...

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