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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review: Apivita Conditioner with Citrus and Honey

Of course, the hotel I wrote about in my previous post did not only supply me with shampoo, they did give me some conditioner from the same Apivita line as well. And the Apivita Conditioner with Citrus and Honey was just as nice, if not even nicer, than the shampoo from the same line!
First of all, I was amazed by how little of this conditioner I needed to use each time. As I've mentioned before on the blog, I have thick and unruly, very long hair, so I usually need to use tons of products in order to see any results. But not with the Apivita Conditioner with Citrus and Honey, because a little really goes a very long way with this conditioner!

I also liked the scent, which was subtle, yet fresh, and the light, but lovely texture of the conditioner.
The only complaint I have about this conditioner is really that the bottle was not the best, it was rather hard to get product out of it. But this did not bother me so much that I wouldn't get it again, because you can definitely work around this, but still wanted to mention it, in order to illustrate that this is not a perfect conditioner, even though it is pretty good.

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