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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review: Calvin Klein CKOne

I recently ordered quite a few scents from Strawberrynet, one of which was Calvin Klein's CKOne, a classic scent, that I actually used to use when I was a lot younger as well, so I was actually already familiar with this scent, but I was still curious to see if I would still like this light, fresh and citrus-y scent. And as luck would have it (since I ordered the largest bottle on offer) I did!
This is a very simple, yet unique scent, which was the first unisex scent ever released, I believe, and it is still definitely one of the best unisex scents out there, if you ask me. It gives you that "just out of the shower" smell a lot of people (including me!) really like, just like perfumes like Clean.
I think it's a minimal scent that goes best with a casual look, like jeans, not so much with a very formal look, for evenings, but I actually like fresh, simple scents better anyway, so this is really a perfect scent for me.
I will definitely get this scent again, after I run out. But I suppose it will take a while, since the bottle I have is rather big.

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