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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: Marine Rich and Smooth Shampoo

I've been trying out quite a lot of different shampoos, conditioners and other hair products for quite some time now, because I really want to find a shampoo that I love everything about. One thing is for sure though: the Marine Rich and Smooth Shampoo I tried a while ago is definitely not my ultimate shampoo!
The shampoo itself is actually rather harmless. The texture is not perfect, but not really, really bad either, it's just a bit slimey and gross, if you ask me. The shampoo does clean my hair nicely, too, and the packaging is fine. But the scent of this shampoo is just horrible!

I've actually never tried any shampoo, nor any other beauty product with such a strong and unpleasant scent. The scent is really, really strong, and lingers for a really long time, and reminds me of melted plastic. There is nothing nice, natural or neutral about it, it just gives you the feeling if having washed your hair at the nearest plastic factory or something.
Needless to say, I will definitely not be getting this shampoo again. There is no need to, and I didn't even finish the bottle I had, so why on earth would I want another one?

The shampoo isn't tested on animals though, and it is salt free. So while I do find it quite bad, I do this some other shampoo manufacturers still have a thing or two to learn from Marine, that makes the shampoo!

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