I'm a girl who loves beauty products, even though I haven't always been very keen on them, so I decided to start a beauty blog, where I share beauty product reviews with others and tell you about both the worst and best beauty products out there, according to me.

I'm also hoping it will make beauty and makeup more fun, even for those who are not beauty addicts already.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Obliphica Extreme Shine Nourishing Conditioner

I've tried Hairkop's Obliphica hair range before, and I absolutely loved the orange products, due to their amazing scent (read all about those products here, here and here, if you want to know more), while the purple products, like the shampoo, were okay, yet not as impressive. And their purple conditioner, the Obliphica Extreme Shine Nourishing Conditioner, is kind of the same: it does it's stuff, so it does make your hair nicer, softer and more manageable, but it does not seem to add shine or do anything spectacular for my hair.

The scent is nothing special either, but the product does look pretty, much thanks to the color, I suppose...

That said, their orange range is so much better than the purple, I really see no reason to buy the orange range anymore. I will definitely buy that one again, but this purple conditioner kind of made me happy I only bought a small bottle of it,, and not the big one... It's just that bland and boring. Sorry!

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